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We thank you all for the plentiful nominations, you can now sign-up here on AO3.

The Tag Set for the approved fandoms and characters can be found HERE.

If you are new to AO3 exchanges, we have provided a small tutorial to help with the process!

Important Sign-Up Notes )

Leftover Clarifications )
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Sign-ups are now closed and assignmens will go out shortly. Thank you to everyone who has signed up!

In case you forgot to link to a dear authors letter, never fear. You can still link to it here.
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Sign-ups will be closing on Thursday night. So don't forget to fill out your sign-up form if you haven't already. Make sure your letters (if you've written any) are publicly available. Keep those amazing requests coming! :D

Assignments will go out sometime on Friday. Pinch hits will be posted to Google Groups.

Or, as they say in Limerick:

Sign-ups close with the setting moon,
or in our time: Friday afternoon.
So get your last request
Off of your chest
And we can get started soon.

Your creatively capricious cabin crew mod team

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So, sign-ups are well under way. Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far!

A summary of fandoms requested/offered can be found here and a list of requests can be found here. That way you can check if the prompts in your preferred fandoms are something you can actually write for. Or find someone you'd like to treat.

Speaking of which, we would also like to introduce our Treat Collection. All treats may go in there. (Use rarecharactertreats as Collection to post in.)

Of treats, the workings, and and other questions )

In short, we have a prompt meme that doubles as a treat collection. So yay, more prompts!


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