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Ladies and Gentlemen,

at last: the author reveals! Now you can see who created your gift for you. Thanks to all of you for participating in this round, the diversity of fandoms and submissions is amazing! Special thanks goes out to our pinch hitters ChokolatteJedi, csichick_2, angelus2hot, LovelyPoet, sharpiesgal, and Zdenka, who all worked very hard to get everyone a gift. We were very happy to have you all and hope to see you back for a potential third round!

Browse the collection and dig into the amazing works that were produced.

Once again, we’d like to direct your attention to the prompt meme where you can leave additional prompts for the rare character of this year’s round. Last year’s meme is also open for business, in case you want to write for some of those characters. Got any unfulfilled prompts from this year still lying around? Throw ‘em into the meme!

We will share the treats posted to the prompt meme on our [tumblr.com profile] rare-characters tumblr account to give them some extra appreciation.

We will be back in a couple of days with our feedback post. Until then, happy reading!


Oct. 13th, 2014 09:06 pm
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As most of you will have noticed already, the collection was revealed yesterday. We apologise for the small delay the emergency pinch hit caused, but we tried our best to keep it to a minimum. You can find the full collection here on AO3. Now's also the time to browse the requests and see if there's anything might like to write a treat for. You can also post your old and new prompts to the treat collection for other creators to claim. FYI, there is no time limit or word requirements on the treats!

We hope you are all happy with your gift, and please remember to leave a comment for the creator! Special thanks goes out to our pinch hitters who worked extra hard to make this exchange succeed!

Unless anybody has any objections, the author reveals will happen on Oct 15 as originally planned.

Happy reading!

[admin post] Admin Post: Emergency Pinch Hit

Oct. 12th, 2014 11:56 am
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Because nothing ever goes as planned.

We haven't heard back from our last pinch hitter, so #6 is up for the taking again: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/rarecharacters/pZ2bE2vhSg4

Medium is fanfic and the fandoms are:
* Alice (2009)
* Arrow (TV 2012)
* Continuum (TV)
* Primeval: New World

All good. Thank you!
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Ladies and gents,

thank you so very much for your patience and your helping hands! Pinch hits have all been claimed and most have already been submitted!

With that in mind, we're steering for reveals on Sunday at 5pm UTC+2 (find out when that is in your time zone).

If you're twiddling thumbs already, you can have a look at the requests or the prompts (of which there aren't many yet) for treat ideas. Treats go here.

If your favourite rare characters are not in the tag set from this year, you can also have a look at last year's prompts, which are still open and looking for treaters to fill them. (You can find 2013's tag set in the Profile, if you intend to post some more prompts.)
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Here we are again, spamming your friends list! Sorry about that, we promise it's over soon!

Since no one has spoken out against postponing the reveals until the weekend, we will take the extra time and rally some more pinch hitters for the requests that are still open. Thank you all for understanding and your support. Once we decide on an exact date and time, we will post it here and adjust the settings on AO3.

The pinch hits have been updated, we now have two new pinch hits (#8 & #9) and an old one still unclaimed (#4). If we could trouble you to take yet another look, it would be much appreciated! Also, thank you for spreading the pinch hits, it's really helped finding creators!
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Hello everyone!

We would like to ask you if it would be okay with you to postpone the reveals until the weekend of the 11th/12th? We (and our potential pinch hitters!) could really use the time to get everybody a gift.

If you think the additional time makes it more likely for you or anyone else you know to adopt a pinch hit, please refer to our Google Group. The pinch hits in question are 4, 6, and 7.

We would also appreciate it if you'd spread the word among your friends to see if they'd be interested. :)

Thank you!
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I'm sure it's still the 1st of November somewhere...

At last, the author reveals! You can now see who created your gift (and stalk the rest of their work) and the works will appear in the creator's list of recent works. You are now free to post your art, fic, podfic, etc. to any other place you desire!

That concludes the first round of the Rare Characters Exchange. Thank you everyone, we had an absolute blast!

We'd love if you could leave us feedback on the post we put up for it, so we can make possible future rounds even better. Positive comments, criticism, ideas for the future, anything is appreciated!
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Ladies and gentlemen,

with a little bit of delay, we have safely landed and delivered the cargo various fanworks. You can now go and have a look!

Author/Artist reveals are on November 1st, so please do not to post your work anywhere else before that date. Once it has come, go wild!

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated and particularly to those who jumped in and took on a pinch hit. We had a lot of fun and hopefully, so did you!

Now that the works are revealed, we're encouraging you to post your other prompts or entirely new ones in our prompt meme. If you find one that you'd like to write: there are no minimum requirements or deadlines in the treat collection.

Once again, thanks to everyone! We'll be back on the 1st of November with author reveals -- see you then!

- The mods

P.S. It probably goes without saying, but remember to thank your author or artist. If you're new to AO3 exchanges: authors can reply to comments before the reveals, AO3 will keep you anonymous until then :)


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