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Thanks for all your nominations so far!

Here'll be a list of characters we can't approve just now. So unless you're willing to slog through 100 recent fics (or until July 1st, 2012, whichever comes first) and tell us your findings (that is, if the fics actually center around the character or just have them occur as background character), we'll have to reject them.

Eligible is any character of any fandom with less than 250 complete English-language fics over 1,000 words or less than 5% of the overall number of complete English-language fics over 1,000 words for the fandom. Use this search for AO3.

Angel: the Series
Charles Gunn (393 of 2817 on AO3)

Inception (2010)
Mal (500 out of 5,000 on AO3, 92 out of 3,700 on ff.net)
Yusuf (550 out of 5,000 on AO3, 15 out of 3,700 on ff.net)

Once Upon A Time (TV)
Red Riding Hood | Ruby (430 out of 2700 on AO3, 377 out of 5,600 on ff.net)

The Outsiders - S. E. Hinton
Dallas Winston (470 of 2399 on FF.net)
Darrel "Darry" Curtis (318 of 2399 on FF.net)
Ponyboy Curtis (848 of 2399 on FF.net)
Sodapop Curtis (432 of 2399 on FF.net)

Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles
Cameron (338 out of 692 on ff.net)


A heads-up about approved fandoms: they need at least two approved characters. Otherwise they will have to be deleted before signups start. The fandoms in question are:

Alice (2009) (1)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent (1)
Black Jewels - Anne Bishop (1)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (1)
The Transformers (Cartoon Generation One) (1)
Vexx (video game) (1)


To the person who nominated Continuum, did you mean "Julian Randol"?

To make the nomination approval process go faster, you can leave the relevant numbers for your characters in this post.


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